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Rocksmith NYC X SlamXHype’s Humble Pie: Knarly DB

Wednesday, June 10th, 2015
Rocksmith NYC's Knarly DB

Rocksmith NYC’s Knarly DB

After much communication and a little persistence, I had the very pleasure of being able to chop it up with a very special Ohio native. He not only plays a key role in what has been influencing Hip-Hop culture for almost  a decade, but he pretty much owns all the kicks everyone tries to get for the low-low (if even possible).  When I first got to know this guy, I was just thinking to myself “does this guy know how lucky he is?” and in fact he actually does.Toledo,Ohio’s Daryl Brown aka “Knarly DB” is the Style Director for the very successful Rocksmith NYC as well as for SlamXHype AND the personal stylist for MGK (Machine Gun Kelly) but of course there was levels to this.  Knarly DB filled me in on his journey to Rocksmith, what kicks he’s looking forward to,  what Rocksmith NYC is cooking up, and even sheds light on his own life perspective .

-So it’s pretty safe to say that you’re in a really great place right now. Where were you before you came to Rocksmith?

DB: Before Rocksmith I was a conductor for Norfolk Southern railroad and helping my friend Zach Beebe run a streetwear boutique, N.E.X clothing co.

-From Toledo, Ohio to the city that doesn’t sleep, how did you end up at one of the dopest and most influential brands? 

DB: I’m a stylist also in my personal life .While working with MGK I established a relationship with Rocksmith .I would put MGK and other artist and athletes in Rocksmith which lead to me moving to NYC from Ohio and getting hired by Rocksmith.

-That’s wassup ! It seems like throughout the years Rocksmith has definitely made an impact on the industry. Who’s responsible for that?

DB: Rocksmith was started in 2004 by two designers Erik Marino & Kenchin Ichikawa.

-What kind of threads would you say they’re responsible for ?

DB: Rocksmith is a Hip-Hop influenced streetwear lifestyle brand.

 -Are there any pressures being apart of such of a big brand?

DB:The pressure is constantly staying relevant and out doing your last move
-What would you say has been the best part about being apart of Rocksmith?

DB:Being able to create and learn and grow with your peers. We are a tight family here at Rocksmith that continues to get smaller.

-Do you think the brand has influenced any of the industry’s style ?

DB:I would say we have influenced the industry as well as given back.

-How important is it for you to stay creative and original within your own style?

DB: I think its important to stay motivated most importantly. Its so easy to become discouraged or overwhelmed.I always look back to how I got here to help keep my creative juices flowing.

-Are you looking forward to any kicks that are dropping this summer ? 
 DB: I’m personally looking forward to any release from John Geiger( the human form of Flight Club)
-I recently saw OG Maco in some of you guys’ summer collection. Who has Rocksmith
been collaborating with lately?
DB: We have a summer collab releasing with Diamond Supply Co. and also Famous
Stars & Straps this fall 2015
-Are there any new items that Rocksmith has out right now ?
DB: Rocksmith 2015 Summer collection just released:
 –What do you think Rocksmith’s legacy will be ?  
DB: I feel it will be one of the dopest Streetwear brands to ever do it that paid homage, gave back to the culture of music, and fashion that provided opportunities for people from all over the US.
I’m sure you didn’t see this opportunity coming your way a  couple years back but what does it mean for you to be apart of Rocksmith? 
DB: Its a blessing! I’m just a guy from Toledo and Rocksmith took a chance on me about 5 years ago and its been up hill since .Ups and downs like all, but I wouldn’t trade
it for the world.
I cannot thank you enough Knarly for doing this interview, but THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU.   You saw what I was doing in it’s early stages and you kept your word and for that , you definitely have my respect. That humble pie diet is definitely paying off seeing that you’re really doing what you love and inspiring many like myself.Everyone be sure to keep up with him and to be on the look out for his upcoming line God Bless The Fresh ( he clearly doesn’t sleep).  Thank you Knarly DB for being boisterous. #staytune

Monday, April 20th, 2015


So when I saw these suede pumas, I literally ran after them because I was dying to know where Joy got her pumas ! Turns out it was at Asos ( ) ! Now… unfortunately they’re sold out in this color but they definitely have the latest pumas up for sale in all the flagrant color-ways you probably want  to cop but wont find in stores.



The Cotton Candy Pack Saucony . The color pallet is definitely wavey this season for sneakers.


Moment of Silence for the sexiness I just graced your eyes with…….ok and we’re back to reality. You can get Malcom’s 24k Gold Pumas at the House of Hoops in various locations including Winston ! #getyourlifeandinvestinthisgreatness #salutetoyouMalcom


Im in love with the coco… Cocaine White’s that is! These huaraches can be purchased through your local DTLR, Finish Line, Foot Action, or Footlocker & the prices vary based on your shoe size of course!


Came across these vibrant these Jordan Future Infrared 23’s at  NCAT and I was like pause… if you haven’t got yours, you’re more likely to find them on Ebay for $99-$150 than your local sneaker retail store.


Aubrey (a great photographer ) sports the 35 Lite Animal Print Gourmet’s ! Like them ? You already know I got the link for you ! Simply Click  and peep the price as well as the variety of Gourmet’s available ! #ThanksAubrey


I’m jelly that I haven’t been able to cop mine yet due to a waitlist.. but that’s a different story for a different day. You can literally get jellies from,,, and most likely soon to be seen at  just like last year for $30 ! You can simply purchase the lowtop and now jellies with a half inch heel (not my favorite but it can be pulled off of course).


Fell in love with these all red suede pumas from across the room. I personally prefer the puma suede mid classics but when it’s love at first sight, you just know. These pair of pumas looked way too good to overlook, lookin’ like velvet.  #heyboooo #PreciatethePuma #RespectPumas #shoutouttoLorenz


Nike Air Huarache Desert Sand’s seem to be the casual bum on a Friday type of  sneaker. The colorway is fire and whether your in the streets or the classroom, your gonna command attention.