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Silent Listening Party with Nick Grant

Monday, December 5th, 2016


Recently I had the pleasure of attending Nick Grant’s Silent Listening party at Social Status in Raleigh, NC  for his new album entitled “The Return of The Cool”. The  South Carolina native has always aspired to be in this positon but it wasn’t until his single “The Jungle ” that attracted not only us but icons like Andre-3000 to co-sign.  Based off hearing the  whole album,  he’s raw , versatile, and definitely an artist you might want to pay attention to and get familiar with . Some of the best songs (because one just isn’t enough)on the album would have to be “Get Up”(which is available on ITunes right now),”The Return of the Cool”, and many  more (that I wont spoil for you guys) . Needless to say, next year is gonna be a huge year for the rising artist.  Luckily I just happened to be at the right place to catch up with the rapper:

Me– So I was definitely feeling the project as a whole. What’s  the date that the album is set to release on ?

Nick Thank you , I appreciate that and  it’s set to drop January 17th

me — anything special about the date ?

Nick: As much as I wish there was it’s just the basic reason, the label.

me — Aha, gotcha. How long were you working on this album ?

Nick : Uh…I believe it was about four months

me: Any producers  that helped make this album come to life ? Any ghost writers ?

Nick: Definitely no  ghost writers, every song was written by me. As far as producers go…I worked with Chaka Zulu, Organized Noize (who’s worked with Outkast), Don Cannon, and  Dominant Gordon

Me: What song took you the most time to write on the album ?

Nick—  I would have to say “Sometimes” took me the longest

Me–Speaking of a long time, I know you have always had a passion for music since you were a kid. What artists would you say influenced or pushed you to start taking your own music seriously?

Nick — I would have to say Andre 3000 and just the whole Outkast  movement , Nas, Jay-ZThe Notorious B.I.G, Tupac, and Eminem, the legends.

Me: Is there anyone from South Carolina who you haven’t had the chance to work with yet but would  eventually like to?

Nick– I would have to say Young Scooter for sure

Me: What are 5 things  that people don’t know about you ?

Nick:  Mhmmmm imma let you tell it

Me: Alright ill compromise, give me two

Nick: Ok,  well I base everything  I do and the things around me off of just being humble at the end of the day. My number two… would have to be that everything I come into contact with is based on God.