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Hues to Blame ? Max Wonders

Monday, September 26th, 2016

Recently 19 year-old Chicago MC Max Wonders dropped his  album Hues To Blame  that just about  anyone who is caught in the awk stage of having to “Grow Up”  looking for apartments  and wanting to be a “Kid Again” can relate to. I stumbled upon the artist this past summer through his single “Malibu” that was just on a random playlist I came across on Sound Cloud. After hearing the single,  I did some research and found out that there was a project he was dropping so of course I kept my eye on it and honestly.. it does not  disappoint. The album includes 15 tracks with features from Royce da 5’9, Narco McKinnis, Daniel Hex, and Kembe X . The album gives a raw and colorful depiction of youth nostalgia. Whether it’s the struggle of figuring out love, feeling alone, conflicts or intensities in life (trust, religion, passion,  etc) reminiscing on the good and the bad of life, or just any pivotal space while growing up, Wonders takes us through it to recapture  those feelings.  Highlights  of the album would have to be “Go Home” , “Fantasy” , “Rocket Ship”, “Kid Again”, “Hotel Paradise”, and “Stay” just because they’re that good and..on repeat. To keep it hot and simple, if you’ve ever uttered the words “growing up sucks” or “I love you”, this is probably the album for you right now… in fact, it Is the album for you. Take a trip below.