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Kyo-Ken takes us on the “Most Beautiful Ride” ft. Elujay and MistaDC

Saturday, May 20th, 2017

As Seattle producer Kyo-Ken finsihes up his debut album, he decided to give us a dose of what to expect by teaming up with Oakland’s Elujay and fellow singer MistaDC (who are also wrapping up their own solo projects) for the perfect mashup. Even though Seattle is known for it’s rainy days, the artists take the time out to paint a different kind of afternoon. The track is soul meets feel-good dance music but nonetheless melodic and nostalgic enough to keep it on repeat. Enjoy the ride with this Cali collab below :

R.LUM.R talks “Frustrated”, his come-up from Sound Cloud, & wanting to collab with Sampha

Friday, May 5th, 2017

I had the chance to catch up with rising R&B star R.LUM.R at the  Art Of Cool Festival to discuss his come up, his R&B influences(from George Benson to Erykah Badu), his single “Frustrated”,and wanting to collab with Sampha. Catch R.LUM.R touring this summer via


Issa Spring Thing

Tuesday, April 11th, 2017
  1. 3RDIMENSION is always nothing short of fresh. Jelani rocks a custom-made jacket by Julian Grant of Awquard w/ green Everest fanny pack, Dash rocks his Brigade Riot Denim Jacket from 624 Clothing (hand-crafted by Jaquan Thompson) , while Jawara rocks a satin champagne bomber and “Bow Wow” scarf.

2)  This is an OG Palace shirt, a very rare find but somehow I managed to track it down. You can purchase this Palace GB London Pally Pal T-shirt here. If you ever see this shirt on the streets, there’s a 90% chance that there’s a trade story behind it (just saying).

3) Soooo this dress was originally for the streets of Miami, but my package literally arrived the exact day I landed in Miami. Even though it was a late cop, this dress was EVERYTHING I thought it would be.  This Metallic Gold Charlay Halterneck dress can be purchased at Pretty Little Thing.

4) Jarran rocks a tee from Just Casual, customized (by him)distressed flame joggers from Pacsun, and Black/Gum Special Field Air Force 1’s (see Shoe Network for details)

5) Milan is rocking a Jaquan Thompson (@quantanamobay)customized denim jacket and Yeezy Boost 350 V2 Beluga

6) Nothing better than a Def Leppard concert tee and Yeezy Boost 350 V2 Black/Copper 

7) This fly 90s jacket is love and is another Ebay find but you can probably find a prototype at your local thrift or amongst ebay or even Etsy if you’re lucky. Along with the jacket, he’s rocking a Raider’s hat from Lids and Wheat Air Force 1 High Lv8.

Charlotte’s Well$ spits freestyle while sick, talks politics, and his new album TWILMMMN

Tuesday, December 13th, 2016

Recently Charlotte MC Well$  dropped his first album The Way I’m Living Makes My Mom Nervous and it’s been causing a lot of talk from the cover of the album to the lyricism. That being said, I came up to Raleigh to catch up with the artist to get the scoop on the details of the album (like how him and Metro Boomin linked up for “Heaven’s Door”), his upcoming tour with Waka Flocka, spit’s a freestyle while actually being  sick, AND most importantly answers if his mom is aware of the album’s EXISTENCE. In continuation with the video above, catch the rest of the interview (that you didn’t catch in the video) below.

Me: So how long did it actually take you to make this project and who all did you get involved that you didn’t put on Revenge of The Booty Scratcher ?

Well$: Um it really didn’t take long or well… I guess you could say it did as far as like…last minute stuff .

Me: Now I know you got to work with Metro Boomin for ” Heaven’s Door”. How did both of you guys link up for that track ?

Well$: Honestly it just kinda happened. We had a mutual contact that ended up just connecting us.

Me: So it’s possible to say Metro Boomin trusts you?

Well$ : Oh yeah, very possible.

Me : So you’ve told me “Us vs. The World” (which is one of my favorite tracks alongside Young Man)is a track you wouldn’t mind consistently  performing for a couple years .Now in the song, you reference a lot to North Carolina. Was there ever a moment you felt like  the culture of Carolina was either not being given the proper respect or just not taken as seriously as now ?

Well$:For sure. I feel like we’re still being slept on right now.

Me: There’s one lyric that really stood out is when you said ” Used to be the nigga in the crowd now I’m the one with the crown.” Well NOW your about to be on the road with Waka Flocka & DJ Whoo Kid. How do you feel about your own come up ?

Well$: I’m just humble man. Sometimes I still cant believe it but I’m honestly just really humble right now. The tour kicks off January 14th

Me: Are there any NC artists on the scene you mess with heavily (Bankroll Bird, JK The Reaper, etc)?

Well$: I rock with a lot of NC artists, s/o to the 006 SET . I mess with a lot of the talent here though.  There’s just hella  talent in Charlotte alone that people just aren’t hip to yet feel me ?

Me: So the question I’ve really been wanting to ask: Does your mom know about the album and if she does, has she heard it ?

Well$: Nah, she still doesn’t know about it.

Me: Do you think you will ever tell her about it?

Well$: If I have to, yeah. For now, nah .

Me: Enough said, thanks a lot Well$  for being here ! The album is great and I wish you the best.

Well$ : Oh yeah no doubt , thank you !



House Vibin’ w/ Bay Area’s J.Jaxx

Saturday, October 22nd, 2016


Just days ago DJ/producer J.Jaxx of the Believer’s Circle from the Bay Area dropped a new mix  that can literally take you from getting dressed to the atmosphere of an intimate kickback in the city. His newly released Les Play House [Mix] is a perfect mix of old school, underground hip hop,  and alternative R&B  that shares various features from Ishdarr, Elujay, Rayana Jay, to Jay Ant, Mikos Da Gawd, Kaytranada and more.  If you’re hip to the sounds of the Soulection Crew , you wont have a hard time  getting into this rising artist and what he’s doing for Oakland. To  familiarize yourself with his style, feel free to get into his previous  Summer Sixteen mix that’s just as fire. For now, enjoy the mix. It’s a VIBE.

Hues to Blame ? Max Wonders

Monday, September 26th, 2016

Recently 19 year-old Chicago MC Max Wonders dropped his  album Hues To Blame  that just about  anyone who is caught in the awk stage of having to “Grow Up”  looking for apartments  and wanting to be a “Kid Again” can relate to. I stumbled upon the artist this past summer through his single “Malibu” that was just on a random playlist I came across on Sound Cloud. After hearing the single,  I did some research and found out that there was a project he was dropping so of course I kept my eye on it and honestly.. it does not  disappoint. The album includes 15 tracks with features from Royce da 5’9, Narco McKinnis, Daniel Hex, and Kembe X . The album gives a raw and colorful depiction of youth nostalgia. Whether it’s the struggle of figuring out love, feeling alone, conflicts or intensities in life (trust, religion, passion,  etc) reminiscing on the good and the bad of life, or just any pivotal space while growing up, Wonders takes us through it to recapture  those feelings.  Highlights  of the album would have to be “Go Home” , “Fantasy” , “Rocket Ship”, “Kid Again”, “Hotel Paradise”, and “Stay” just because they’re that good and..on repeat. To keep it hot and simple, if you’ve ever uttered the words “growing up sucks” or “I love you”, this is probably the album for you right now… in fact, it Is the album for you. Take a trip below.

Making “Decisions” with Charlotte’s Asa Hood

Friday, March 18th, 2016

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I was casually strolling through my email late last month and I came across an email from songwriter/producer Tony Jivers known as Apo11oTONE. He quickly jumped the small talk and let me know that there was an artist that I needed to take a look at so of course I’m interested in seeing what’s up. He then tells me that the artist goes by Asa Hood so I automatically assume that he’s a rapper (probably because I automatically thought about Ace Hood but that’s besides the point).  It wasn’t until I would click on the track entitled “Decisions”, that would change my outlook completely. I really didn’t know what to expect out of the artist but I can definitely tell you that I  don’t regret making the decision of finding out.

R& B singer Asa Hood who comes from the Charlotte area, started out like most versatile and even legendary R&B singers, in the church. This is where Hood would form his voice and prep himself only to decide taking  on a different route of soulful music. The crazy thing that really stands out about this artist is that his very first single (Decisions) sounds far from a first song experiment but more like a mainstream R&B record. On top of that,  the track (prod. by Jstacksbeat & Soulful Music) hasn’t even been out for more than 2 months and has already reached over 6,000 plays on Soundcloud. If you’re hip, you know that it’s  pretty rare to see local artists get that much attention on their very FIRST single, but his voice is clearly speaking volumes. Next up for the Charlotte native will be the release of his first EP and personally I’m interested in seeing what the artist will be bringing forth. Until then, checkout this rising artist’s breakout single below, stay tune, and stay boisterous.






Sneaks of the week be like…

Thursday, March 3rd, 2016

This week, I captured some street flame so of course I had to share ! Think you or someone you know have something to show that  deserve a little keke, some talk, recognition, attention, etc? All you have to do is submit a  photo of your kicks with  the subject line “Shoe Netwerk Submission” to

  2. Nike AIr Force 1 ‘Nai Ke’ Gym Red Hi Retro QS – $200
  3. Adidas Superstar Pink Monochrome –  $74.98
  4. Bathing Ape Bapeta Sneaker Red/White- $100
  5. Asics Gel Lyte lll White/Pink/ Purple –   $90   
  6. Adidas Stan Smith Powder Red –  $100