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The anticipated Des Pierrot Collection .01 (NYC) officially drops

Sunday, March 31st, 2019

For some months now, I’ve been paying close attention to Des Pierrot (who you may recognize as @loverboyclub_ on Instagram). The young creative who’s based between New York and LA has been executing his visions as well as building a following of people and fellow creatives from various ranges that admire his works through social media. I initially took sight of his hand made apparel during the beginning of last year and i can attest to the fact that he has not slowed down not one bit. To shooting his work on models in the NY streets to having his work worn by stylist and model Aleali May to rappers like Famous Dex and Quavo, it aint hard to tell to Des Pierrot is here to take over. I had the opportunity to catch up with the founder and designer to breakdown the inspo of his .01 collection pieces.

According to Des “I honestly just make shit that I like, i don’t like to wear what everyone else is wearing so i make my own pieces”. He goes on to express that his clothing is inspired by his own take on things and what’s specifically cool to him from art to shapes, pockets, and color schemes and then brings those things to life in his designs. If anything for Des, it’s not more-so about being inspired by one thing but rather about how his clothing can inspire others, specifically the youth. Although Des does enjoy executing dope visions through clothing, he’s rather more interested in motivating and inspiring those who came from nothing and are trying to make a way for themselves.

There’s definitely more to come from the sought out designer but for now, be sure to check out the Des Pierrot Collection .01 (NYC) here, you wont regret it.

Roole &DJ Pauly Guwop: A Duo Cut From A Different Cloth

Monday, January 7th, 2019

When Charlotte creatives like designer Gordon Holliday of ROOLE and the creatively driven DJ Pauly Guwop get together, creative customs come to life. Seven months ago, the two came together to collaborate to execute a collection of creative designs. With DJ Pauly Guwop’s unique eye and selection of fabrics mixed with Gordon’s mastery of sewing and ranging knowledge of fashion, they decided that it was time to put some action behind their vision. Last year, the pair put out their first installment of customs that consisted of a one of a kind pillow as well a hand-sewn bag.

This year, the two are already releasing pieces from their second installment and the first release that’s catching the eyes of many this month is their leather Louis Vuitton kufi crown.The crown’s materials and creation was based off the influence, importance, and evolving relevance of African heritage in high fashion. The hat is also a manifestation of shinning light on the 80s/90s aesthetic made popular by Five Percent Nation and brothers of Islam.

The rest of this installment is set to release next month in Charlotte during All Star Weekend that is guaranteed to spark the minds and attention of like-minded tastemakers, creatives, and consumers alike. Stay tune.

J.Reid X Myles Harris Collab for Whealthy Hoodie Release

Wednesday, December 26th, 2018

Dreamville Signee/Rapper, Lute

Just after creative director and designer J.Reid collaborating with streetwear brand Undesirables, the Charlotte based designer is back with more heat for the streets. The designer recently teamed up with producer and photographer Myles Harris to create their Whealthy hoodie.


The hoodie’s symbolism illustrates that a healthy mind is indeed a rich mindset. If someone was to ask you what being wealthy means to you right now, what would your answer be? Whatever your answer is, the best investment in life isn’t necessarily something that costs outrageous or how much money you have to get what you want, it’s how much you invest into your mind and what you do to protect it. It may cost you a lot of reflection but once it’s right, it’s nothing that anyone can take away from you. This collaboration represents a positive investment for any individual who’s love is for the culture as well as for themselves.

The collaborative design is set to exclusively release tonight at the annual “LITMAS” Christmas party that is taking place at 832 Seigle Ave from 8pm to 12am. What will you do to make sure your rich in mind before anything else ?

Undesirables x JREID Vest Set to Release November 3rd via Charlotte

Saturday, November 3rd, 2018

Recently Charlotte brands J.Reid and Undesirables Clothing teamed up to make a creation that we’re all looking forward to getting our hands on.The two brands recently came together to design a utility vest that’s being sold at the price of $60 features embroidery design of their individual brand names and signature logos along with an accompanying silver chain attachment. From the pictures that we’ve been seeing all over Instagram to our timelines, there is no doubt that this a must-cop for the season.

The vest is set to be an exclusive release at their joint Charlotte Pop-Up party that is planned to take place November 3rd from 8pm to 11pm at 8112 Statesville Rd . The pop up is for all ages with free admission and will feature various color-ways of the embroidered utility vest for purchase, free sushi, sounds by DJ Pauly Guwop, live graffiti art, items for sale from both brand’s independent fall collections, and even a secret sponsorship. Considering what the release of the vest in itself and what will be taking place at the pop up, there’s not much else to say except pull up. For updates on the selling of the vest and any changing arrangements of the pop-up, be sure to follow the J.REID brand at @j.reid_ and Undesirable Clothing at .



New Year, New LOOKS!

Friday, January 12th, 2018

In 2018, we’re serving looks and we’re serving Inso at the same damn time. Class is about to start back, winter break has come to a close, and the weather is hella confusing but nevertheless, you can still be fly. Here are some LOOKS that are moving us into the new year on a fresh start:



  1. This fushia velour jumpsuit is from Pretty Little Thing (PLT).  I paired it with my fluffy white platforms that are also from PLT. The hoops are from the Beauty Supply but you knew that ! My outfit is the pretty much the description of cozy  club-wear because you can dress it up with heels like me or dress it down with your favorite sneaker . Shop the $30 jumpsuit here .
  2. Patrick paired his vintage Red Nascar Bud Racing Motorcycle Jacket with his white/black Nike Cortez. Most resellers sell this jacket from $100 to $300 but luckily I found a replicate of the jacket on Ebay for only $60 and you can possibly find it for even cheaper at your local consignment shop depending on your area.
  3. NEXT we have Love Chelsayy (who you should definitely go subscribe to) wearing her two piece Blooming Set from Know Style USA for only $34! Browse and shop Know Style’s matching  sets here !
  4. Graphic Designer for is wearing a vintage Starter hockey jersey, a red supreme shoulder bag (you can cop that on Posh Mark, Ebay , and more than likely Depop as well), and navy blue/baby blue  canvas suede strap on old school pro VANS . You can’t get anymore cozier than that.
  5. Casey is rocking Gingham high waisted pants, a black sheer woven tie front top, accessorized with a black beret, and vintage black shades.
  6. So for this look, my Guess Jeans shirt came from the reseller boutique REQUEST that was sent in by Round Two . From there I just paired it with some corduroy’s I picked up from the thrift store , a chain belt,  and black ankle boots.
  7. Brittni is wearing a dyed fur coat   (yasss to DIY), a mesh bodysuit, jeans, and accessorized with her multi-color snakeskin chain purse from ALDO.
  8. I like to spice it up, hence the spice girl look. I’m wearing trainspot sunglasses from Dolls Kill and my orange two piece latex set is from Sicko Cartel(who I love a lot).
  9. At last, we end with a cozy look. This cozy girl is rocking an oversized windbreaker, skinny jeans, the Zebra Yeezy Boost 350 , and Vintage MCM Shoulder Tote Bag.

Social Status x Everything Boisterous 2000s Charity Party

Thursday, October 26th, 2017

Recently I had the opportunity to collaborate with Social Status to throw a 2000s charity party where we embraced not only the 2000s, the du-rags, a great era of music, and partying BUT also giving back. This party was created through my blog to facilitate charity and the desire to contribute to the victims of Hurricane Harvey, Hurricane Irma, and Hurricane Maria . I created this event because I wanted my first blog party to turn up with purpose and because I’ve always wanted to combine the two things I love which is anything 2000s influences (from the fashions to the music) and giving back and its safe to say that I succeeded. Thank you Social Status for the opportunity to collect not only money but clothing, sneakers, and toiletries for the victims who are in need of it. Let’s continue to make a difference. Check out the recap video below and some of the epic photos of the guests street stylin’ in their 2000s attire taken during the event, captured by photographer Marcus Benton, below:

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Trending Topics: Agenda Festival Style Gallery

Friday, July 28th, 2017

While I attended the  Agenda Festival in Long Beach, I came across unfamiliar faces as well as familiar faces that embodied their own style. All of these LOOKS that were caught amongst the festival were unique and self defined their look rather than the look define them. Check out the  gallery of Trending Topics  via Agenda Festival below.

Iwokeuplikethis*: Dirty $outh meets NYC

Friday, June 2nd, 2017

The girls and I were lucky enough to explore the streets of New York for a couple days to bring in Kenya’s 21st and It’s safe to say that we loved the city ! This past week I captured those who I thought embraced A LOOK( in which many of those looks came from my girls) in the city  as well as well as A LOOK via NC.  This is what happens when the dirty south meets the city of New York:


  1. The first look was captured in the streets of Harlem and it was honestly pretty simple and pretty affordable to put together.  The jean jacket ($5) and my red baggy trousers ($4)are from the thrift store, my white/rose gold Stan Smith Adidas are from Footlocker , my glasses are Gloss The Label(mine are currently sold out but their whole  selection is LIFE), and my shirt is actually just a Chanel scarf I DIY’d into a bandeau.

2. Literally saw Josie’s jacket and had to stop him in the middle of NY. Turns out the pieces on his jacket came from the Flea Market. That’s what you call creative.

3. Aliyah and Kenya did not come to play. Aliyah’s clueless inspired outfit came from Pretty Little Thing , her jean jacket is H&M , and her backpack is Bebe. As for Kenya’s slay, her corset lace up shirt is Pretty Little thing, her shorts are Fashion Nova, and here slides are from Aldo !

4. Chelsea and Casey went the bojo route for NYC!  Chelsea is rocking a red top from Forever 21 and ombred fringed jeans from Forever 21! As for Casey,  her shorts are Fashion Nova , her shirt is Forever 21, and lace up sandals from Aldo !

5. Gelizea is rocking a DIY Def Leppard baseball tee, cropped jeans, and the classic Nike slides

6. His fit is effortlessly fresh. His shirt is  Supreme’s “Supreme is UnAmerican ” t-shirt which is sold out of course in Supreme’s retail but you can probably finesse through Ebay and possibly Depop (and any store that trades and sells online like Round Two ), olive pants, and Yeezy Boost 350 V2 Black/Copper  (available on Shoe Network)

7. He’s rocking the a navy Stussy t-shirt and the original (green/white) Stan Smith adidas

Issa Spring Thing

Tuesday, April 11th, 2017
  1. 3RDIMENSION is always nothing short of fresh. Jelani rocks a custom-made jacket by Julian Grant of Awquard w/ green Everest fanny pack, Dash rocks his Brigade Riot Denim Jacket from 624 Clothing (hand-crafted by Jaquan Thompson) , while Jawara rocks a satin champagne bomber and “Bow Wow” scarf.

2)  This is an OG Palace shirt, a very rare find but somehow I managed to track it down. You can purchase this Palace GB London Pally Pal T-shirt here. If you ever see this shirt on the streets, there’s a 90% chance that there’s a trade story behind it (just saying).

3) Soooo this dress was originally for the streets of Miami, but my package literally arrived the exact day I landed in Miami. Even though it was a late cop, this dress was EVERYTHING I thought it would be.  This Metallic Gold Charlay Halterneck dress can be purchased at Pretty Little Thing.

4) Jarran rocks a tee from Just Casual, customized (by him)distressed flame joggers from Pacsun, and Black/Gum Special Field Air Force 1’s (see Shoe Network for details)

5) Milan is rocking a Jaquan Thompson (@quantanamobay)customized denim jacket and Yeezy Boost 350 V2 Beluga

6) Nothing better than a Def Leppard concert tee and Yeezy Boost 350 V2 Black/Copper 

7) This fly 90s jacket is love and is another Ebay find but you can probably find a prototype at your local thrift or amongst ebay or even Etsy if you’re lucky. Along with the jacket, he’s rocking a Raider’s hat from Lids and Wheat Air Force 1 High Lv8.

Winter Fresh

Monday, December 5th, 2016

Just like the seasons,  style is forever shifting and changing. This week I had the chance to catch up with dope people with dope taste. Whether their steez is minimal or complex, they’re are favorite topic.


  1. Chelsea’s outfit is the definition of the minimal ! Chelsea’s champagne two-piece is from a  So Sophisticated which is actually located on UNCG campus(Yasss to the local flame) and clear  perplex ankle boots (info available in my previous post). You can check out Chelsea’s  YouTube channel filled with lifestyle  entertainment and  tips  of style and beauty  here !
  2. Whats he serving ? A LOOK. Raveey is serving in a HBA Organza Hockey Jacket which  you can  purchase here.
  3. When pink goes right: Kenya is rocking her pink fur bomber jacket from forever 21 which you can purchase here and snakeskin strappy heels from Urban OG. Unfortunately they are sold out but you can cop a similar prototype here  and at Missguided
  4. Fashion Designer Michael Roxx in a DIY Leather Jacket  and a custom made Michael Roxx  fit  and  producer of MTV ALI Saint Q in a Jay-Z 50 cent Rock The Mic 2003 Concert tee  accompanied with cuffed black denim, and stan smiths.
  5. When wearing overly sized clothes goes right:: The wild thing about this fit is that it is thrift -store friendly  from the tommy shirt to the tommy jacket to  the overalls.
  6. Sherpa Trend alert: This Sherpa jacket was also a thrift store find but you can purchase the pull  over version of a Sherpa jacket through Zumiez  for $60.
  7. Mesh Galore: You can find a mesh shirt at the thrift, local retailers depending on the season (anytime other than spring) like H&M or simply here.