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How Cam Kirk + Cam Kirk Studios Are Shifting The Culture

Friday, July 6th, 2018

From doing shoots with Migos to Atlanta’s rising artists like Gunna and Lil Baby, to being apart of Adidas and Puma campaigns, it was only a matter of time until Everything Boisterous caught up with Cam Kirk and Cam Kirk Studios! During the interview, we breakdown how Cam first encountered photography, how the studio is serving the ATL scene, the studio’s funnest/littest clients thus far, what’s next for the platform, what music is a go this summer, and more!


Female DJs Scartchin’ The Surface: DJ Fannie Mae & DJ Roxci

Saturday, June 23rd, 2018

I recently caught up with DJ Fannie Mae and DJ Roxci, two amazing female DJs that are scratchin’ the surface within the North Carolina area. During this two part interview, we uncover the true challenges that female DJs experience, if there’s a saturated trend within the current DJ world of females, what keeps them going, how these two different DJs find ultimate satisfaction in what they do, how they feel they are moving the culture forward, and Durag Festival .

Ciscero talks DMV, Devil’s Pie EP, his tweets, “Function”, meeting Goldlink + more

Friday, March 30th, 2018

Recently I had the pleasure of catching up with DMV rapper Ciscero to break down  his tweets, moving from NY to the DMV, pros and cons of being signed, being influenced by Outkast, how him and Goldlink became a dynamic duo, his single “Function” (full visual for the single is  dropping in early April) and most importantly who we will be seeing on his forthcoming Devil’s Pie EP including Xavier Omar, producer Supah Mario,  and features from DMV artists. In addition to that we cover what exactly devil’s pie stands for in the eyes of the rapper, and of course further details about the anticipated project. Peep our latest interview below and let us know what you think !


EB Interview: The Story of Juwop and how he painted his way to Nike

Saturday, January 27th, 2018

Recently I caught up with 26 year-old Chicagoan Julian “Juwop” Gaines, an artist who’s caught the eyes of many from Teyana Taylor to  Curren$y to Virgil Abloh to Nike.  Juwop’s custom swoosh designs are nothing ordinary, from using paint to literal grass to designing jackets, jeans, canvases, and much more. Juwop was recently responsible for collating with Jumping 23 in which he placed his signature aesthetic on one of the most anticipated releases of the month, Travis Scott‘s Levi Jordan 4’s. Although he has now made his presence known at the headquarters of Nike, his journey required much sacrifice, risks, and a lot of determination. Peep our podcast interview to learn how he’s taking over the art world one project  at a time.

Sonny Digital and I talk his top 5 producers, the artists we should pay attention to going into 2018, why he’s enjoying rapping over producing these days, +more

Thursday, December 7th, 2017


Recently I got to catch up with rapper and producer Sonny Digital to talk about what he admires about Charlotte, how he started producing, who his top 5 producers are (including Mike Dean ), why he’s enjoying rapping over producing these days, the current state of hip-hop, the rising artists out of Atlanta we should pay attention to going into 2018 (from Reese La Flare and Black Boe to Young Nudy, Pierre Bourne) and more. Peep our full interview below to check out the insightful conversation that went down backstage.

NY rapper Dontaé talks K.Swisha production, Coliseum Records, being influenced by Dom Kennedy & Drake, Motivation,+ more w/ Everything Boisterous

Monday, September 18th, 2017

Recently NY rapper Dontaé dropped a  track entitled “Motivation” that clearly shows that he’s capable of being your new favorite rapper. Luckily for me, I got the chance to catch up with the artist to chop it up about his influences such as Dom Kennedy and Drake, his favorite Dom album, a time where he wasn’t so motivated,  K.Swisha production on “Get It”, his dad’s past work for Tribe Called Quest , making his Fair Warning project in his room, what we can expect from him for the rest of the year, and more in our latest podcast interview.  Check out our interview below to see what went down:

Saturn, Alexander and I talk being a female rapper, making girls feel inclusive w/ her music, confidence, +more in our latest Everything Boisterous interview

Tuesday, September 5th, 2017

Recently caught up with New Jersey MC Saturn, Alexander to talk about how her name derived from the jerking/ Facebook era, the pros and cons of being a female rapper, confidence, wanting to make girls feel inclusive with her music, why being  a Gemini isn’t all that bad, having the opportunity to possibly perform at the BET HIP HOP AWARDS (which you can happily vote her in for by clicking here), what she has planned for the rest of this year, and more. Check out what the female MC and I chopped it up about below:

A Conversation with ICYTWAT (Podcast Interview)

Friday, August 18th, 2017

Recently I got to catch up with producer and Divine Council member ICYTWAT to discuss  being inspired by Pharrell, Tyler The Creator,  Bankroll Fresh + more, how he became apart of Divine Council, what got him into producing, the lack of appreciation for black women, not being moved by the latest wave of R&B, announces the news that he will be dropping his song “Dream Boy”  on September 3rd (an exclusive) + much more! Tune into the  conversation below to listen to what exactly went down during our insightful convo.



Sydney Graham and I talk styling, dating, striving for happiness over clout, Prince +more in our latest Everything Boisterous Interview

Tuesday, August 15th, 2017

Recently I got to chop it up with stylist, model, and actress Sydney Graham about her introduction into the industry, her love for Prince, her personal style, dating, and why clout isn’t the gateway to happiness.

Me:Hey girl ! Let’s jump into it ! So what was your first introduction into the industry ?

Sydney: I think it would’ve been my Matte Brand shoot with Bri (Briana Wilson).. this is probably like two years ago so it was a long long time ago. Then things kinda started coming my way day by day, month by month. Whatever pace it was at and yeah that was it !

Me: Dope & Where are you from ?

Sydney: I’m from Corona, California. It’s like a hour and 20 minutes from LA depending on the traffic and it’s also like on the way to San Diego

Me: Yeah that LA traffic is crazy, I came down there last month for Agenda and I felt so over-whelmed. I don’t think I’m cut I’m out for it

Sydney: Yeah it is a lot but I wonder what New York is like

Me: Yeah New York is lit but it’s impossible to get anywhere. Buses will damn near try to run you over and people are just following with no worry, like it’s crazy…Aside from that, you definitely got to visit Manhattan and Jamaican Queens though, you’ll have a good time.

Sydney: Definitely!

Me: So I know you style, model, and act as well . What occupation do you think you enjoy the most out of all them and why?

Sydney: Mmmm… I feel like I like styling the most because it’s the easiest I would say. Everything comes together easily for me when it comes to putting outfits together. Everything else you have to study a script for or with modeling you got to make sure those angles are on point .Styling just comes super super easy and is my favorite out of those I would say.

Me: So I know you said that styling for you was the easiest. How did styling even come about for you ? Was it something you just enjoyed doing on yourself or did you just try it out or ?

Sydney: Well someone told me that I needed to..ya know..switch it up as far as clothing and to start going outside of my comfort zone. Eventually I was like “actually I feel like I can take these skills and put it on someone else and can probably try dressing up other people”. It kinda came to me probably February/March… when I got bored of dressing myself up in cool outfits, I kinda wanted to do it for someone else.

Me: So how would you describe your own personal style ? Because I’ve seen you wear cat suits to  trying out just about everything without ever allowing the outfit wear you. How would you describe what you go for?

Sydney: My own personal style? That’s a hard question because I feel like this is what everyone says “ohhhh it depends what mood that I’m in” but it really is that. If I’m feeling sexy then I’m gonna wear something raunchy or something with a little height. It really depends on the mood I’m in or if I’m anxious to wear something what I just got.  I really don’t know how to describe my style.

Me: Do you think it’s still developing or it just depends?

Sydney: Yeah I think it is still developing at this point so maybe soon ill have a clear word for it but for right now, definitely not

Me: So while creating your own style for you and others, do you think self-confidence came along the way or do you think you had it before?

Sydney: Oh I definitely had confidence way before styling. I think that confidence is what contributed to my style ,but confidence was definitely there before, for sure.

Me: Definitely ! So I’m looking through your Instagram and you have some pieces with Prince apart of it whether it’s a shirt or necklace. Being that you’re a huge fan, what would you say is your favorite Prince album and song ?

Sydney: I think my favorite album would be Signs O’ The Times but my favorite song isn’t on the album. Its on[ I feel so basic ,Purple Rain], but Darling Nikki. I always listen to that before a photo shoot because it makes me get in the zone. Yeah.. that would have to be my favorite song, I listen to it like every other day.

Me: I definitely feel you, I play Prince like once a week and HAVE to play “Beautiful Ones”.

Sydney: Yeah that’s going to be my wedding song[aha], I love that song

Me: So speaking of music , I peeped that you played a role in Steve Lacy’s video for Ryd earlier this year . How did that collaboration come about ?

Sydney: Well we were already friends and so then it was kinda like out of nowhere he just hit me up and asked me to be in his music video and I’m like “yeah sure”. We rehearsed it the night before, the next day we went out there and shot the whole thing. He knew I was trying to get into acting so that was cool of him to even offer that to me and pretend that I was beating his ass

Me: Do you see yourself taking on any other roles this year ? Because in the video you played like a crazy girlfriend

Sydney: Hopefully, honestly. This stuff isn’t easy at all but yeah I really really want to book a challenging role. Mainly like action because these action movies make me wanna be like Wonder Woman or something

Me: Yeah like the Black Panther movie that’s dropping next year is going to be crazy! I seen Lupita and Michael B. Jordan and it’s like yeah, I’m going to definitely make that move.

Sydney: Omg yes! That movie is about to be so good. That’s the move for me!

Me: Being that you pretty much have 3 different jobs within the industry , how hard is it for you to date ?

Sydney: Oh hell no, I’m not dating anybody right now.

Me: What’s something about you that people would never guess ?

Sydney: Probably that I’m obsessed with my cat named Toby, I think that would be about it.

Me: What’s a piece of advice that you would give to any girl who wants to be in your position one day whether that be for styling,modeling, or acting ? And what can we look forward to from you for the rest of the year ?

Sydney: I would say…. just keep going and don’t stop because however much effort you put into  what you want to do is what you will get out. I had to learn that the hard way because there will be times when I don’t feel like doing anything and nothing will come to me. Once I put myself out there and start working hard and putting energy into something, I got what I wanted. Also do what you makes you happy too! Don’t do it because it easy and sometimes why I feel like some girls do this Instagram thing and whatever’s poppin’ right now. You should do what just works for you. I used to job hop all the time working at Best Buy, sushi restaurants, and I just couldn’t find what I was passionate about until I went off to modeling,acting, and styling. I dropped out of college because I saw my calling.

Me:  So pretty much just  do what you wanna do without wanting clout ?

Sydney : Yeah don’t do it for clout, clout doesn’t do anything for you at the end of the day.

Me: What can we look forward from you for the rest of the year? Because you’re literally always working

Sydney: Just keeping busy, not gonna put anything out there yet. It’ll be a surprise and it’s something I’m excited about!

Me: Well I definitely enjoyed this ! You were awesome! Thank you for your time here at Everything Boisterous!

Sydney: Yeah definitely! No problem and thank you !

Sophia DeOliveira on Creating a Met Gala for Philly

Friday, July 28th, 2017


When you think of Met Gala, you automatically think of New York or the unique fashions we’re used to seeing go viral on the gram. Thanks to 20 year-old college student and jewelry designer Sophia DeOliveira and her team, they’re throwing a Met Gala to not only execute  a night of  fashion but to redefine brotherhood. Luckily for me, I got to talk to Sophia to breakdown how the idea came about and why it’s so important for it to take place in Philly!

Sophia: Hey! How are you ?

Me: Hey! I’m great girl ! So I know you’re from philly but fill me in on a little bit more about yourself :

Sophia: My name is Sophia DeOliveira. I’m a stylist and jewelry designer. Every week I do a feature when my whole entire outfit is from the thrift store. I’m going to community college of Philadelphia in the fall to pursue my business degree, hoping to one day open my own store. My line that will be releasing..once I get my life together haha..will be called Rosebud. The idea behind Rosebud will be redefining luxury. I want to make luxurious pieces, but without the luxurious price. I’ve been in financial situations all my life, never owned a Louis, never had a gold necklace, but instead I found all my favorite luxury pieces from the thrift store! I want people to feel like they’re still worth a million bucks even if they have a $2.00 shirt on.

Me: How did the idea of a Met Gala for Philly come about and who’s all apart of it ?


Sophia: The people who are involved are  Juwuan Ross, the main coordinator of the event. He paid for the venue, made the design for the flyer, brought the concept together. Naihema Powell is the decorator, shell be band making all the center pieces, and she’s in charge of the floor layout  and me of course. I heard about the event, but wasn’t really interested at first but then that’s when my best friend finally convinced me. My best friend started asking me to promote it. I was like “hold on, I can’t be promoting just ANY event”. So I decided to take it upon myself to suggest a couple of ideas to Juwuan by messaging him. He loved my ideas so much he put me on board. Ever since then, I’ve been coordinating all the artists, all the food, all the promotion, and many other things as well.

Me: What can we expect to see at this met gala guest wise and designer wise  ?

Sophia: Well definitely the creatives and people within the community because this is what it’s about you know? As far as design, my friend will even be designing our outfits from scratch and I will be designing the jewelry for us ! I think I’m gonna do maybe a thrift pop up to assist people in what they want to wear to the event.

Me: So met gala is known for having a set theme .  What’s the theme you guys are going for this year and what’s the date ?


Sophia: We’re actually doing a theme of 100 years of fashion. You know how Zendaya did 100 years of fashion for Vogue

Me: oh yeah that was dope! I loved that !

Sophia: Yeah exactly ! Same ! so which ever decade people feel like they cling to most, that’s what we want them to dress up in but still in a dressed up way! As far as the date, it’s this Saturday.

Me: Do you have to pay to get in ?

Sophia: This is a community event but at the same time people do have to pay to attend the event since it’s at a venue

Me: What’s the minimum people can pay right now ?

Sophia: $10 on eventbrite ! There will also have free refreshments and drinks being served

Me : What makes this event stand out versus what we’re used to seeing on TV ?

S: With this event in particular I want people to not just know fashion as wearing a Louis Vuitton bag and calling that fashion. I want people to embrace what they may have brought at the thrift store for $5 and make it look like $500. When you think of fashion you think of Paris ,England , New York, etc . There’s no fashion credit to Philly so I wanna be able to change that narrative and bring change.

Me : Fashion is truly what you make it so that’s dope ! What’s the preparation been like for this event ? More so stressful or enjoyable ?

Sophia: To be honest at first I thought it was going to be stressful because I have never organized an event in my life but it’s honestly been enjoyable to plan . It has its moments but overall I’ve been enjoying the process!

Me: and how old are you ?

Sophia: 20

Me: oh wow , well this is really amazing that you get to do something like this and in a sense you’re not even doing it for you, you’re doing this for your city. What do you want people to take away from this event ?

Sophia: When people leave from this event, I want them to create friendships, new business partners, or just good associates. I want Philadelphia ‘s youth to understand that if we all come together and show what we have as a city, people will start to take us more seriously. I want people to show off their favorite era, displaying who they really are in dress form. I want people to meet others that will make their business grow.

Me: well thank you Sophia for this ! This was dope and I feel like the city will def appreciate something huge like this ! Take care !

Sophia: oh no thank you & you too !


**If you’re in the Philly area, be sure not to miss out on the 1st Annual Philadelphia Met Gala on Lancaster Ave this Saturday from 9:00pm to 1:00am.