DJ Kid +I talk signing to Interscope w/ Da Baby,NC support, +more

Friday, February 22nd, 2019

Recently caught up with #1 Platinum Mix Engineer and Da Baby’s dj, DJ Kid to talk everything from rising out of the south as a creative, how he met Da Baby and became his official DJ, how it feels to be a new signee amongst Interscope, advice for those coming up, and even a revealed exclusive on the name and date for Da Baby’s upcoming and first project amongst the Interscope label. Peep what me and the NC talent chopped it up about below.

Audio version available here:

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EB:Hey DJ Kid, how are you ?

DJ KID: I’m doing well, I’m doing well ! How about you ?

EB: I can’t even complain ! So we’ll go ahead and jump into things ! When I met you, you were rapping right here in NC but I had literally no idea you also Dj’d ! When did your passion for djing come about ?

DJ KID: Its crazy when people say stuff like that because that’s kinda how I’m introduced first as a artist but I’ve been dj’ing for 3-4 years forreal but the thing end goal was being an artist, that was always my number one thing. That’s what I wanted my end goal to be but I’ve always been like a people person and wanting to put other people on before myself. I leaned toward being a DJ and being a background person because I was cool with that forreal

EB: So you just preferred being behind the scenes ?

DJ KID: Yeah not even just prefer but i know like… in the industry or in the game i know there’s certain steps you have to take. Everybody can’t necessarily be the superstar you know what I’m saying ? So you have to take that step back you know what I’m saying and just play your role sometimes.

EB: Right, right for sure! So how did you becoming a DJ for Da Baby take place ?

DJ KID: It’s actually pretty funny! I was dj’ing in Greensboro a lot and the /winston salem/triad area and um.. We had a show out at ECU and the dj he had at the time couldn’t make it to the show but we knew each other you know what I’m saying. So he called me like “Aye Kid I can’t fly out to make it so I need you to stand in for bruh” so i ended up djing for bro and I was just so on point like you would’ve thought i was bruh dj forreal. I was already a fan of his music so I had all his music and all his content and stuff and we kind of arranged it that way. Then DJ E.Sudd had an event called No Stress Fest in Greensboro and I ended up spinning for him (Da Baby) there. They just called me on some “you one of the hottest dj’s around and we like how you’re so point with my music and all of that so we looking forward to working with you”. Then after that, i don’t know if you knew but I also produce and engineer so I started engineering a lot of his music so it was just being in the right place at the right time honestly.

EB: Wow that’s crazy ! So how do you balance being an artist yourself and being a DJ ?

DJ KID: Pretty much the fact that I’m always in the studio. Like anywhere we go and any city we touch, I’m always around music so it’s really not that hard. Being a DJ is like.. that’s what kinda comes with me as a whole just being around music. If i’m always around music, it’s not really that hard for me to balance because their both within the same field.

EB: So Where‘d you grow up for the most part ? Here in NC ? Was your family into music? What was your upbringing like ?

DJ KID: Well I was born in Santa Clara, California. Nobody really knows that but my dad from the Bay area and my mom is from the Bay area as well so we moved out of California because we were military. We moved to like CLT, Wilmington , WInston Salem and ended up staying in Winston Salem. That’s pretty much where I came up. I stayed with my dad and moved from charlotte with my mom. Went to college in greensboro for a year and then took off with this music!

EB: Wow that’s dope. Same background here with the military and moving to Carolina, that’s a lot of us. So like being that you grew up here..just from your experience because people say different things… what’s been the hardest part and the best part about being a creative rising from the south?

DJ KID: Um…I’d say the hardest part is I feel like we don’t have as much support as like other major cities have. Like Atlanta… as far as the artist, producer, and DJ… before in the past years we didn’t really have that support we needed to like support each other, everybody just wanted to be that IT factor.Now it’s looking like everybody is seeing the glue. Like when Da Baby got on, everybody was like “okay it takes a team and people actually supporting each other so why don’t we give it a try”. So i been seeing alot of that lately

EB: Agreed

DJ KID: Good things about growing up in North Carolina and being apart of the team is.. I’d have to say  just because people weren’t so supportive of each other like… just having to be on your own, you had to have that mindset of kind of being selfish sorta say but um, really defining yourself and finding your own path and showing people that you really want it so you can get the attention you need.

EB: For sure, I definitely agree. Although it can be tough to rise out of certain spaces especially in the south, you and Da Baby both recently signed to Interscope Records in conjunction with South Coast Music Group and that’s def a huge deal in itself . How does all of this feel for you rn ?

DJ KID: I’m not gonna lie to you, it’s surreal because I know where we came from. A lot of people were pretty much doubting Da Baby, a lot of people were doubting me as a DJ. I’m not gonna say like laughing in people’s face type deal but it’s like.. we actually did this. We put it together and we putting on for the city. It’s no longer just about us, it’s about everybody. Well he’s moreso the face of North Carolina. If you put it in his words, he won’t say it but imma say it for him. He’s like the face of North Carolina so he’s kinda like the big brother that everyone’s looking up to.

EB: That’s dope and I feel you! What do you think has been the biggest lesson you’ve learned as an artist thus far in your career?

I’d say watch people’s intentions and stay consistent because you know.. some people will leech onto you just because of what you got going on and sometimes you can get blinded by that and not see what people’s true intentions are. Before you let anyone into your life especially if your doing big things or just getting started, see people’s true intentions because you want those real genuine people around you. You don’t want people that are just going to be here for the season, you want long life relationships that way you can build.

EB: Right, definitely ! So i know you are back on the road starting tomorrow along with Da Baby but what can we look forward to from you this year as an artist overall  ?

DJ KID: For myself or Da Baby ?

EB: Both !

DJ KID: Word, for Da Baby we got a project dropping on March 1st called Baby on Baby, the first project with Interscope this year so that’s going to be super huge. We shooting for the stars , we thinking it’s going platinum. We know it’s going platinum but more tour, more shows, and we got a world-wide tour coming up. You’re the first to really hear that, I don’t think we’ve spoke on that with anyone else but yeah a lot of dope stuff for bro. Really proud of him, a lot going on.

EB: Wow, that’s definitely amazing. What about you on the music tip? Do you think you’re going to stay focused on DJing for right now and kinda get back to the rapping later or are you gonna go ahead and fulfill your other crafts?

DJ KID: Really i got hella projects that I just haven’t dropped but um, we really just focused on Da Baby right now and for him to be great and be that big brother and show people we deserve what’s going on right now. We not the only ones that can do this, it’s other people that can knock down the door. The door is pretty much knocked down now, we just need everybody else to step up to the plate.

EB: Definitely! Well this has been great and it was great speaking with you.

DJ KID: Fasho ! Thank you


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