Roole &DJ Pauly Guwop: A Duo Cut From A Different Cloth

Monday, January 7th, 2019

When Charlotte creatives like designer Gordon Holliday of ROOLE and the creatively driven DJ Pauly Guwop get together, creative customs come to life. Seven months ago, the two came together to collaborate to execute a collection of creative designs. With DJ Pauly Guwop’s unique eye and selection of fabrics mixed with Gordon’s mastery of sewing and ranging knowledge of fashion, they decided that it was time to put some action behind their vision. Last year, the pair put out their first installment of customs that consisted of a one of a kind pillow as well a hand-sewn bag.

This year, the two are already releasing pieces from their second installment and the first release that’s catching the eyes of many this month is their leather Louis Vuitton kufi crown.The crown’s materials and creation was based off the influence, importance, and evolving relevance of African heritage in high fashion. The hat is also a manifestation of shinning light on the 80s/90s aesthetic made popular by Five Percent Nation and brothers of Islam.

The rest of this installment is set to release next month in Charlotte during All Star Weekend that is guaranteed to spark the minds and attention of like-minded tastemakers, creatives, and consumers alike. Stay tune.

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