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Artists to know going into 2017

Saturday, December 31st, 2016


These days when your in search of new music or a new sound these days, it’s kind of hit or miss whether it be through Beats 1, Tidal, radio, or the one outlet we really depend on for new mixes and etc  Soundcloud.  Here are some artists that you ought to keep watch on going into 2017.

  1. Alex Ruby– Charlotte Native; If you’re into the Charlotte scene whether that may consist of Rashaun Hampton, Frais, or Well$, the likelihood of you liking his new EP Ruby Summer is pretty high. Some of the best tracks off the 10 track EP would have to be Alex , Primo for sure,  and Roxbury

2. Tange Lomax  Durham, NC;  Tange has BEEN making heat, but 2017 she’s taking over. Recently the female MC dropped her single “I Got It” . This artist has an innovative flow and she is definitely not one to overlook.

3. Cool & Well Dressed x TSA– this Raleigh, NC collaboration stays putting out music but one single in particular had me diddy boppin’ back to NC. You can bump their nw single “Fuck Out My Face” here. CWD ALSO released Rasta’s EP “Elevated” EP which takes great emphasis on revolving human culture and  is available to hear here .

4.INDICA Alanta, GA; The East ATL DJ recently dropped  his “Feelds “mix with some of your fave Atlanta artists along with electronic singles from Kaytranada and some House influences mixed with trap singles from Thugga (Young Thug) and Migos. It’s pretty much that perfect balance to get you right.  Be sure to check it out right here, right now.

5. KAIN–  Greensboro, NC- Earlier this month the NC native dropped his EP  black : a story told by kain  in which I would say this project to WAKE people up not only in our community but the world. One song in particular you’re going to want to really peep is Genny.

6. Von Sensei – Suffolk, VA; When it comes to this singer and his producer Andre Palace, they make nothing short of authentic. . He released his EP “The Wolf of All Streets” about two months ago and thus far, it’s been getting  strong feedback. Some of his GEM’s would have to be “Von x Henny” and “Poetry &Chill”

Charlotte’s Well$ spits freestyle while sick, talks politics, and his new album TWILMMMN

Tuesday, December 13th, 2016

Recently Charlotte MC Well$  dropped his first album The Way I’m Living Makes My Mom Nervous and it’s been causing a lot of talk from the cover of the album to the lyricism. That being said, I came up to Raleigh to catch up with the artist to get the scoop on the details of the album (like how him and Metro Boomin linked up for “Heaven’s Door”), his upcoming tour with Waka Flocka, spit’s a freestyle while actually being  sick, AND most importantly answers if his mom is aware of the album’s EXISTENCE. In continuation with the video above, catch the rest of the interview (that you didn’t catch in the video) below.

Me: So how long did it actually take you to make this project and who all did you get involved that you didn’t put on Revenge of The Booty Scratcher ?

Well$: Um it really didn’t take long or well… I guess you could say it did as far as like…last minute stuff .

Me: Now I know you got to work with Metro Boomin for ” Heaven’s Door”. How did both of you guys link up for that track ?

Well$: Honestly it just kinda happened. We had a mutual contact that ended up just connecting us.

Me: So it’s possible to say Metro Boomin trusts you?

Well$ : Oh yeah, very possible.

Me : So you’ve told me “Us vs. The World” (which is one of my favorite tracks alongside Young Man)is a track you wouldn’t mind consistently  performing for a couple years .Now in the song, you reference a lot to North Carolina. Was there ever a moment you felt like  the culture of Carolina was either not being given the proper respect or just not taken as seriously as now ?

Well$:For sure. I feel like we’re still being slept on right now.

Me: There’s one lyric that really stood out is when you said ” Used to be the nigga in the crowd now I’m the one with the crown.” Well NOW your about to be on the road with Waka Flocka & DJ Whoo Kid. How do you feel about your own come up ?

Well$: I’m just humble man. Sometimes I still cant believe it but I’m honestly just really humble right now. The tour kicks off January 14th

Me: Are there any NC artists on the scene you mess with heavily (Bankroll Bird, JK The Reaper, etc)?

Well$: I rock with a lot of NC artists, s/o to the 006 SET . I mess with a lot of the talent here though.  There’s just hella  talent in Charlotte alone that people just aren’t hip to yet feel me ?

Me: So the question I’ve really been wanting to ask: Does your mom know about the album and if she does, has she heard it ?

Well$: Nah, she still doesn’t know about it.

Me: Do you think you will ever tell her about it?

Well$: If I have to, yeah. For now, nah .

Me: Enough said, thanks a lot Well$  for being here ! The album is great and I wish you the best.

Well$ : Oh yeah no doubt , thank you !



Winter Fresh

Monday, December 5th, 2016

Just like the seasons,  style is forever shifting and changing. This week I had the chance to catch up with dope people with dope taste. Whether their steez is minimal or complex, they’re are favorite topic.


  1. Chelsea’s outfit is the definition of the minimal ! Chelsea’s champagne two-piece is from a  So Sophisticated which is actually located on UNCG campus(Yasss to the local flame) and clear  perplex ankle boots (info available in my previous post). You can check out Chelsea’s  YouTube channel filled with lifestyle  entertainment and  tips  of style and beauty  here !
  2. Whats he serving ? A LOOK. Raveey is serving in a HBA Organza Hockey Jacket which  you can  purchase here.
  3. When pink goes right: Kenya is rocking her pink fur bomber jacket from forever 21 which you can purchase here and snakeskin strappy heels from Urban OG. Unfortunately they are sold out but you can cop a similar prototype here  and at Missguided
  4. Fashion Designer Michael Roxx in a DIY Leather Jacket  and a custom made Michael Roxx  fit  and  producer of MTV ALI Saint Q in a Jay-Z 50 cent Rock The Mic 2003 Concert tee  accompanied with cuffed black denim, and stan smiths.
  5. When wearing overly sized clothes goes right:: The wild thing about this fit is that it is thrift -store friendly  from the tommy shirt to the tommy jacket to  the overalls.
  6. Sherpa Trend alert: This Sherpa jacket was also a thrift store find but you can purchase the pull  over version of a Sherpa jacket through Zumiez  for $60.
  7. Mesh Galore: You can find a mesh shirt at the thrift, local retailers depending on the season (anytime other than spring) like H&M or simply here.



C.Pitt drops three new singles

Monday, December 5th, 2016

Carolina’s C.Pitt who we know from dropping  his  NO MORE FREE EP earlier this year to songs like “A Song” and “Shit and Alcohol” , has been nothing short of heavy amongst  the NC scene.  The first time I peeped this rapper was through his A Song visual when it went viral and it kind of amazed me that he took a little part of Greensboro and gave it meaning .Recently the Greensboro native  dropped THREE new singles  “My Cash” , “Feel Good”, and “The Kid (snippet)”.  With this new material, his range is more apparent than ever and definitely one to keep watch on as a  rising artist. Hopefully this means there’s a possible  project on the way but until then, get familiar with his work and  peep the attached links or simply click for the new material above.



Silent Listening Party with Nick Grant

Monday, December 5th, 2016


Recently I had the pleasure of attending Nick Grant’s Silent Listening party at Social Status in Raleigh, NC  for his new album entitled “The Return of The Cool”. The  South Carolina native has always aspired to be in this positon but it wasn’t until his single “The Jungle ” that attracted not only us but icons like Andre-3000 to co-sign.  Based off hearing the  whole album,  he’s raw , versatile, and definitely an artist you might want to pay attention to and get familiar with . Some of the best songs (because one just isn’t enough)on the album would have to be “Get Up”(which is available on ITunes right now),”The Return of the Cool”, and many  more (that I wont spoil for you guys) . Needless to say, next year is gonna be a huge year for the rising artist.  Luckily I just happened to be at the right place to catch up with the rapper:

Me– So I was definitely feeling the project as a whole. What’s  the date that the album is set to release on ?

Nick Thank you , I appreciate that and  it’s set to drop January 17th

me — anything special about the date ?

Nick: As much as I wish there was it’s just the basic reason, the label.

me — Aha, gotcha. How long were you working on this album ?

Nick : Uh…I believe it was about four months

me: Any producers  that helped make this album come to life ? Any ghost writers ?

Nick: Definitely no  ghost writers, every song was written by me. As far as producers go…I worked with Chaka Zulu, Organized Noize (who’s worked with Outkast), Don Cannon, and  Dominant Gordon

Me: What song took you the most time to write on the album ?

Nick—  I would have to say “Sometimes” took me the longest

Me–Speaking of a long time, I know you have always had a passion for music since you were a kid. What artists would you say influenced or pushed you to start taking your own music seriously?

Nick — I would have to say Andre 3000 and just the whole Outkast  movement , Nas, Jay-ZThe Notorious B.I.G, Tupac, and Eminem, the legends.

Me: Is there anyone from South Carolina who you haven’t had the chance to work with yet but would  eventually like to?

Nick– I would have to say Young Scooter for sure

Me: What are 5 things  that people don’t know about you ?

Nick:  Mhmmmm imma let you tell it

Me: Alright ill compromise, give me two

Nick: Ok,  well I base everything  I do and the things around me off of just being humble at the end of the day. My number two… would have to be that everything I come into contact with is based on God.