Black Beatles: EB Edition

Monday, September 12th, 2016

Yes you guessed right, this week’s post is dedicated to the single “Black Beatles” (off Sremmlife  2 duh get hip). Is there a reason behind it? well because everyone should feel dope when they step out… better yet, feel like a rockstar.  While out in the city, my goal is to usually find those who stand out or carry their own steez with confidence. Whether your rocking Gucci frames or see through boots, your fit is what YOU make it to be.

  1. Best way to style a simple concert t-shirt is a bleach job right ? You can find a Iron Maiden shirt , hip hop tees, or dope concert tee at Zumiez, Hot Topic , or the  cheapest/most convenient place which is your local thrift! As for the  exclusive on the boots,  head over to our shoe network for details.
  2. VINTAGE 90s YSL YVES SAINT LAURENT POLO’D down w/ the GUCCI FRAMES. I mean come on….what is there left to say except the polo is sort of a hard find so try to aim for retail outlets who sell vintage like Etsy or Pucker Clolthing . The Gucci frames on the other hand can be found at vintage frames or the cheaper route, Ebay , or a similar prototype of the Gucci’s at Glasses USA.
  3. Nellz is stunting in her orange choker  bodysuit (wide selection of these at boohoo and forever 21)and distressed boyfriend jeans (which you can either DIY or get for $18 at Romwe, Pacsun, Forever 21, the list goes on) and lace-up heels from Go Jane !
  4. For this fourth look, the highlight is clearly the Chocolate Jer & MJ T shirt and unfortunately (after 15 minutes of searching )its sold out everywhere ..except for the foreign website i attached link to the name above:) Your welcome.
  5. Drums please…….LAST BUT NOT LEAST……cropped cami (which you can find a good variety at Love Culture and Forever 21), black linen shorts, and faux suede lace up gladiator heels at Lolli Couture for only $10!! or the extended version of these at Cici Hot.

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