Sundaze with Chuck Thurgood

Monday, May 23rd, 2016

Recently I got to chop it up with 23 year-old Chuck Thurgood about his grind, his most recent project Sundaze, and the many inspirations behind it all. Growing up, Chuck was inspired by the skateboard P ( P as in Pharrell of course) movement , Missy Elliot, Lil Wayne, and The [ heavily respected ]Cool Kids.   At just the age of 9 , the Burlington native jumped into song writing and three years later his cousin(who was  also an artist at the time ) introduced him to the ins and outs of the studio. Right then and there he decided that music was what he wanted to pursue . Along with doing music, he also spent a lot of time in the skate park (before it was a major trend) and coincidentally met a group of people he would not only form a friendship with but who would help create into a creative dynamic called Goonies Neva Say Die (including producers, artists, designers, etc. ). While forming this dynamic, Myspace was the golden key to not only new music but the new avenue for new artists ( such as Soulja Boy, Mac Miller, we could really  go on here). Because social media was becoming THE platform, Thurgood not only ended up dropping not 1 but a total of three mixtapes. After creating local buzz with his projects and finishing up high school,  he decided to move to Atlanta.  From there he enrolled into art school for 2 years and realized that he wanted his only focus to be music and had no interest in being steered in any other direction. Not only experiencing being a college dropout in a sense pushed him but listening to the album (one of Ye’s most praised ) inspired him to take control and expand his craft. Just last month,  rapper decided to release his mixtape entitled Sundaze which is a pretty dope listen for this summer (one of my favorites would be French Vanilla and Muk). It’s not predictable, it’s not repetitive, the production is unique, and it’s overall a creative work  . Because this artist is definitely one to keep watch on, I give you Sundaze (below). Enjoy.





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