Making “Decisions” with Charlotte’s Asa Hood

Friday, March 18th, 2016

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I was casually strolling through my email late last month and I came across an email from songwriter/producer Tony Jivers known as Apo11oTONE. He quickly jumped the small talk and let me know that there was an artist that I needed to take a look at so of course I’m interested in seeing what’s up. He then tells me that the artist goes by Asa Hood so I automatically assume that he’s a rapper (probably because I automatically thought about Ace Hood but that’s besides the point).  It wasn’t until I would click on the track entitled “Decisions”, that would change my outlook completely. I really didn’t know what to expect out of the artist but I can definitely tell you that I  don’t regret making the decision of finding out.

R& B singer Asa Hood who comes from the Charlotte area, started out like most versatile and even legendary R&B singers, in the church. This is where Hood would form his voice and prep himself only to decide taking  on a different route of soulful music. The crazy thing that really stands out about this artist is that his very first single (Decisions) sounds far from a first song experiment but more like a mainstream R&B record. On top of that,  the track (prod. by Jstacksbeat & Soulful Music) hasn’t even been out for more than 2 months and has already reached over 6,000 plays on Soundcloud. If you’re hip, you know that it’s  pretty rare to see local artists get that much attention on their very FIRST single, but his voice is clearly speaking volumes. Next up for the Charlotte native will be the release of his first EP and personally I’m interested in seeing what the artist will be bringing forth. Until then, checkout this rising artist’s breakout single below, stay tune, and stay boisterous.






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