EB Trenders be like…

Thursday, March 3rd, 2016

So right now we’re in that in between season where it’s snowing one day then the next it’s sunny and it just confuses you. Although the season feels crazy, no need take an L ! Here’s what made these  EB trenders pop and also  the links for you  to cop! If you have a fit to sure, be sure to submit a photo with the subject “EB Trendin” to everythingboisterous@gmail.com

1. My fit is pretty minimal but luckily  the jean jacket (which you can cop for ONLY $7 or less at your local thrift store) makes it look slightly edgy and I got my corduroy skirt  from Forever 21 for $15 !
2. Sooooo like the peatcoat is crazy (you can purchase an inexpensive one from the thrift or your local retail store based off personal preference) but the Nike SFB Field 8″ Leather  BOOTS  really pull it all together. S/O to Nike !
3. yasss the all black fit with the leather jacket is simple and grunge but can we have a moment of silence for the holographic handbag [pause] . The bag makes the outfit stand out X10 more and you can purchase it straight from here for $13!
4. Simple fit with the burgundy longline jacket looks great  but what really stood out was the FANG LIFE hat amongst BrendenJBeatz    . You can cop all Fang Life merchandise at http://www.gpcnc.com/
5. Love the plaid knitted pant but the Bart Simpson jean jacket makes this fit so much more unique not to mention that the jacket was a rare find at the thrift but it turns out that it was once available at Etsy and www.triedandtrueco.com/ (dope website alert) but  recently  sold out of the product. If you want yours, be sure to lookout for a restock!


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