Dreamville’s FrankHaveMercy

Sunday, July 12th, 2015


Recently, I had the pleasure  of getting to know  a very dope photographer who travels back and forth to LA but whom not that long ago was just mapping out his own dream in da “ville” .  While growing up in the 910, FrankHaveMercy had his share of witnessing troubled souls to seeing  just about every type of  social class known. Typically for Fayetteville, most people decide whether they’re gonna go full out with the college thing  to be successful or join the Army to get by and never really an in between. Fortunately he didn’t just want to get by, but rather wanted to make a name for himself far beyond the borders of Carolina.  What Frank had originally planned to do with his camera and his fashion ideas with his friend Brandon Nixon coincidentally turned him into the arms of Karmaloop. Always been driven by visuals, Frank just so happened to reach the right person at the right time, but along with the success came many realizations and life lessons.  Frank tells me that although he’s lost friendships, he has gained new experiences and perspectives, and…… even a Cali crush on $@^%# [bleep]. Luckily Frank has gotten to turn many negatives into positives by sh*tting on folks simply by staying on his own grind.  Seeing that his skill was good enough to reach such a large platform, secured him in knowing that his photography was capable of reaching anyone.  Along with this, Frank also tells me :the biggest misconception about being a photographer to me is that you want to take pictures of half naked women all the time. I hate that. It doesn’t inspire me at all!”. Instead, going the extra mile and stepping out of the box along with the work of the NY based photographer Ayla El-Moussa is what influences him.  Whether it’s sitting on a balcony or standing on the edge of a roof, he makes sure that his photos will look anything but BASIC.  Although he’s currently sparking up friction with his photos , he dreams of shooting Kid Cudi one day and continues to keep humble no matter what. One of the reasons behind his mentality is his mother as well as because he isn’t content with where he’s at, saying: “becoming a professional photographer is still a goal of mine but I wouldn’t say it’s my dream. I have a long way to go still”. Although he knows that he still has ways to go, Frank doesn’t regret any of the steps he has taken to get to where he’s at. He lastly gives the advice to simply embrace and learn from every bad decision made and to stay true to yourself no matter what may be  going  on around you. FrankHaveMercy everyone, a true artist on the rise.



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