Photo Bombin’ : Issac Gill

Monday, May 18th, 2015



I met up with one of my favorite photographers right now, Isaac Gill ! When I say that his photography is dope…… I mean it honestly can speak for itself seeing that a picture is worth a thousand workers. The Raleigh Native is super talented and has probably photographed anyone who’s creative or on the come up with their own talent (singing, rapping, artistry). Photography is far from a hobby but definitely a passion ! Although he just started around Yeezus’ era (2013), he’s more busy than ever shooting for upcoming talent in Greensboro, fashion shows,Honor Raleigh boutique, working his way into videography and creative directing. This photography-destined marketing major even had hi work displayed in art showcase back in February. He is hugely inspired by Kanye and Steve Jobs and hopes to have his own company for architecture, have a clothing line, and shoot for bigger names as well as be able to be a traveling graphic photographer. Currently he is working on getting into blogging and photography internships. You can catch him taking pictures outdoor, thrifting, is advice to other upcoming photographers is ” It’s not about the camera. You actually need to learn the camera settings” . #IssacGillLadiesandGentleman

Check out Issac’s work at

a914c-image32b5                      76fd3-image42b4
3ed9b-image62b3                                              fc12d-image22b5


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