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C9’s Very Own: JK The Reaper

Thursday, May 28th, 2015

Got the chance to sit down and talk to Greensboro’s very own talented JK The Reaper about his personal past, journey through the industry, his impact on the music scene, and what’s in store for Almost Angelic 2. Checkout how this C9 artist is making wave.



 Summer Hair !

Monday, May 18th, 2015

Whether your curling it, stitching it, gluing it, or pinning it, it all takes something we all hate called TIME ! The way to go this summer with hair this summer is something I call cute-to go! Here’s some protective and trendy hairstyles you wont regret !

Things You Need To Know Before Making A Hair Decision:

  • hair is not cheap
  • styling CAN be cheap depending on if you can do it yourself
  • If you know deep down in your heart that you CANNOT do your hair, please hire a professional or someone with experience.
  • The point of protective styles are to promote healthy hair without having to do much maintenance
  • There’s nothing wrong with short hair. Short hair is sexy hair so get a style that will  compliment YOU.
  • Your hair is your decision.
  • Quality over Quantity for your OWN length of hair
  • Quality AND Quantity for WEAVE INSTALLMENTS(braids, faux locs,sew-ins,glue-ins,etc)
  • Make sure whatever you will save your pockets , not burn a hole in them & cause you to be cashless
  • Confidence may increase (Because it’s only right)
  • Take millions of selfies

What styles you might be interested in thus summer:

  • Faux Locs
  • Marley Twists
  • Box Braids
  • Senegalese Twists
  • Shaved Side w/ a Protective Style (shown above)
  • Pixie Cuts
  • Go all natural (its actually a process you can be very versatile with & unburdened financially with relaxers)
  • Wig It Out
  • Front Lace It
  • Go For A Trim
  • Experiment with colors like :Gray, strawberry blonde, black, auburn, or honey blonde



Photo Bombin’ : Issac Gill

Monday, May 18th, 2015



I met up with one of my favorite photographers right now, Isaac Gill ! When I say that his photography is dope…… I mean it honestly can speak for itself seeing that a picture is worth a thousand workers. The Raleigh Native is super talented and has probably photographed anyone who’s creative or on the come up with their own talent (singing, rapping, artistry). Photography is far from a hobby but definitely a passion ! Although he just started around Yeezus’ era (2013), he’s more busy than ever shooting for upcoming talent in Greensboro, fashion shows,Honor Raleigh boutique, working his way into videography and creative directing. This photography-destined marketing major even had hi work displayed in art showcase back in February. He is hugely inspired by Kanye and Steve Jobs and hopes to have his own company for architecture, have a clothing line, and shoot for bigger names as well as be able to be a traveling graphic photographer. Currently he is working on getting into blogging and photography internships. You can catch him taking pictures outdoor, thrifting, is advice to other upcoming photographers is ” It’s not about the camera. You actually need to learn the camera settings” . #IssacGillLadiesandGentleman

Check out Issac’s work at

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Littleton’s own $wank

Monday, May 18th, 2015
Littleton's own, $wank

Sha’Miere Jackson, “$wank”

Who knew someone from a little town could create such big buzz? Littleton’s very own Sha’Miere Jackson is definitely one to pay attention to right now musically. $wank grew up in up in a small town that many wouldn’t even consider as a place of residence but rather as just an area. Even though he knew that not much was around him growing up, he decided to put it in his own hands to flip the script on the people who thought so little of where he came from.  Since the age of fourteen, Jackson not only wanted to make a difference for his hometown but  wanted to make music that his father would of been proud of. Since his freshman year at North Carolina Central University, his music has had the reputation of being “refreshing” and “something that’s missing from a lot of artists today”. Early last month, Sha’Miere dropped his highly anticipated album entitled “LA” (referring to his town or “little area” and lost art) as a follow up to his Tape Before The Tape EP that he dropped this past October . His recent LA album includes Aaliyah’s Interlude and dope singles like Mary Jane, Dehydration 2, and Junior Year (Interlude).  Since creating the album, Sha’Miere’s talent has surpassed listeners beyond his school and has caught the eyes of people like 9th Wonder and Rich Homie Quan’s DJ, DJ Fresh. $wank continues to aim to be the storyteller for the people who can relate to his past experiences as well as create and produce dope music with an unpredictable flow. What he’s doing is something that will extend the appreciation beyond Littleton’s corners . Check out hip hop in it’s latest form.