Painting Headlines

Monday, April 20th, 2015

There’s so many talented people in the city, but they unfortunately get overlooked. Not only are these people just artists, but they’re innovators. From their detail to their abstract projects, here are some dope innovators that you might want to take note of.

This graphic designer is definitely always working on his craft. Raleigh native Bry’n Alexander or ‘commonly known as “BJ Dukes” doesn’t plan on stopping his grind anytime soon. He recently collaborated with talented photographers of Greensboro like Wong G and 3 Hours Ago and has been working on wall décor, t-shirt designs, cover art, and custom shoe art. He’s definitely not your average so don’t be surprised if he designs a dress one day. #DameDashmindframe


To see more of his projects and what he has coming up, slide through



This is not even half of what she’s capable! This artist goes by Rachel Byrd. Her works are edgy yet refreshing but somehow makes it look easy . This true artist is a big believer in the right timing and genuinely does what she does for the feeling it brings. Not only is she an artist but is also up and coming film photographer as well. She recently just shot for London Kasmir’s The Cool Girl Clothing line.


Rachel is currently working on a portrait of the iconic Lauryn Hill and will soon be available at ! You can keep up with Racheal as well as contact her through

racheal2      racheal1

Will Carter is a beginning artist currently based out of Greensboro who has big plans for people to not only get to know him for what he does, but for what he can and will be bringing to the art world. He plans to give art a new meaning very soon so be sure to be on the lookout for his new projects coming this summer.


For serious inquires, be sure to contact him at

will4                                                         will5will1will2will3

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